Human resource management

Course unit code Specialization 080500.68Management  
Course unit title Human resource management  
Name(s), surname(s) and title of lecturer(s) Mineeva Tatyana M.  
Level of course Master  
Semester 2  
ECTS credits 3  
Working hours Contact hours 36  
  lectures 18    
  seminars 18    
  practical classes      
  laboratory classes      
  Independent work 72    
  Total 108    
Work placement Human resource management    
Language of instruction English    
Objectives of the course Learning outcomes A student’s assessments methods    
aims: -to study the basic aspects of the human resource management; - to study principles, methods and mechanisms of human resource management; - to study the modern staff technologies; - to study the specificityof formation of staff policy Formation of competence: а)intercultural: - the ability to develop cultural and professional level independently and to master new methods of research; - the ability to get and use new knowledge independently. b) professional: - the ability to operate the organizations, divisions, groups, teams, projects and networks; - the ability to develop programs of organizational development and changes and to provide their realization; - ability to conduct independent researches according to the developed program (the personal computer – 11) Presentations, tests and written exam.    
Teaching methods Lectures, group work, delivery of individual presentations, independent study of literature, case studies, role plays, brainstorming.    
Course unit content Title Lecturers (hours) Self-study (hours)  
Theoretical aspects of human resource management 4 4  
Marketing concept of human resource management 4 6  
Conceptual bases of formation of personnel policy 4 4  
Formation and use of personnel structure. 4 4  
Management of personnel processes 4 4  
Development of personnel capacity of the organization. 4 6  
Technology of personnel processes 4 16  
Role and place of services of human resource management in the organization 4 12  
Human resource management programs 4 16  
  36 72  
Reading list    
Year of publishing Authors and title of the publication  
2010 2008 2008 Amstrong Michael Human resource management: 10 Edition Mineeva Т.М. Theory and practice of human resource management: Student‘s book Т.Y.Bazarova, B.L.Eremina. Human resource management: Student‘s book  
Additional reading    
2009 2012 2012 2012 Travin V.V, Magura M.I., Kurbatova М.B. Human resource management S. Ivanova Development of employees‘ potential: Professional competences, leadership, communications. Consultation in the field of management of human resources: Studies. grant / Under the editorship of N.I.Shatalova Makarova I.K. etc. Attraction deduction and development of the personnel of the company  
Assessment requirements Student’s skills in this subject will be evaluated by means of presentations in the seminars, written tests and final examination.  
Assessment criteria The assessment of the presented works is carried out by the following criteria: – compliance of the contents to a subject; – existence of logical communication of stated information; – compliance of registration to requirements; – accuracy and literacy of a statement; – work is handed over in time.  
Course outline arranged by Mineeva T. M.